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Grace Vending - Hello from Southern California

Grace Vending

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Hey everyone, my names Joseph and I started out with vending about a 3-4 weeks ago. I have a lone Dixie Narco 400E and my first location is a construction site with room for growth. Alot of things have happened quite fast for me but it's been exciting to start the new year off with this so I'm just enjoying the ride and learning as I go. I'm a researcher at heart and I like to do my homework before jumping into anything and vending felt like the last piece that was missing to my other two endeavors (web design and clothing). If I have any questions I'll be sure to ask and also if anyone wants info on getting locations via FaceBook Marketplace I can definitely help out. I went the used route as opposed to financing/leasing because who wants to be on the hook for 4k-6k starting out? Smarter not harder friends ^-^


That's all for now


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