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I think I found my first vending machine.. Is this a good buy?


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This is sort of a 2 part question. I've been looking for a vending machine for a few days now and I think I found one, but it comes with some issues.

I found on the Facebook Marketplace and it's the AP6600 Snack Vending Machine. It's being sold for $500 and in the seller's words for the issues:

"Something on it is not working, lights come on and motor does it's test on bootup. But nothing shows on the display. I don't have time to fix at the moment. Can include the upgrade board / display / wiring to make it credit card compatible for an extra $300."

Would fixing the display be an easy fix? Would it be cheap to do if I buy this machine?

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$500 is decent for a working machine with a coin mech and bill acceptor.  Nothing shows on the display unless you insert money or put the machine into the service mode from the logic board. If you can't get to the service mode then your door switch might be bad or wired wrong, or missing. If it really needs a display board you can get one from fleabay as many people upgrade the machines and remove the old diplays.  You can put an InOne Technology board in it for credit card use. 

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