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Genesis GO 380 Coin Issue


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Need some help please from you guys that are still holding on to some of these monsters.....  

Got a Genesis GO 380 that all of a sudden started taking coins and not giving credit for them. Coins would just drop through, take the customers coins and no credit given for them. So, I assumed it was a bad coin acceptor and purchased a new one from Capitol. Installed the new validator yesterday and I thought it was going to be a great day but the problem still exists with the new acceptor. 

So... I am at a loss. The one thing I am puzzled about are the toggle switches on the acceptor. There are four of them and I cant find any documentation as to what they do or where they should be placed. Capitol tells me they have no documentation, they are just set to where they know they will work. Does anyone have any insight on them? Where are yours set?  

The machine was turned off during install so a fresh boot was done. What am I missing?  

Any help or suggestions appreciated. 


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31 minutes ago, AZVendor said:

Why would you throw good money after bad on this machine?  You either have a motor not at home, locking out the coin acceptance circuit, a wiring problem or a bad logic board.

Yeah it needs to be replaced. Looking at the Wittern combos. Thank you for the suggestions!

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