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Royal 804-9 not dexing with new Nayax VPOS touch CC reader


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I just spend 1.5 hour with tech support testing all sorts of different potential fixes.  The cc reader is communication with the VMS but the dex is failing to go through. I've swapped out all of the harnesses, the cc reader, etc. Still not working.  I was told the the control board, and firmware were up to date, but tech support wasn't clear on whether or not the eprom chip was up to date. Can anyone confirm?  Current eprom is 67015-8.  IS that up to date enough to support the dex of this device?   Machine is RVCC 804-9.

Thank you in advance if anyone is able to help.

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This post is from last year but the likely fix is either updating the eprom or replacing the board with a more recent version.  It's tricky with royal boards and I don't know the coke ones.

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