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AP 113 Snack Wont Accepent 2nd Dollar


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I have a AP 113 snack machine that works well. Most items are one dollar and work fine with a single dollar or 4 quarters. Some items are 1.50. The bill accepter will not accept the second dollar for the 1.50 purchase. If you put two quarters in first and then a bill it will vend. If you put the dollar bill in first then two quarters it registers 1.50 but the machine says try another selection. The coin mech quarters are full and the dimes and nickels are half full. I am thinking this a programing issue and not a bill accepter problem. Has anyone seen this? Thanks.

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Went back to the machine. It was set for no escrow, Tried to reset it and  and force vend. Still wont take second dollar for 1.50 items regardless of settings. Thinking bill validator may have a one dollar only setting or validator has a malfunction. I left the site before getting bill validator model (my bad). Think its an older MEI. Does anyone know In general if some validators have dip switch settings that limit it to one dollar per transaction?  Any help appreciated.

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Issue resolved. Had to set machine for no escrow, which it was, and force vend off, which it was. Then I had to power down machine for a minute or two,  After restarting had to use quarters nickles and dimes to vend 1.50 item. After that it accepts 2 one dollar bills for vends and gives change. Got this procedure from a very experienced machine repairman who walked me through it. Thanks to all.

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