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Free Webinar - EMV and What it Really Means and Why It is Important to Know

Harry K

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More education everyone. It is all about education. Never fear it and jump at it when you can get the facts.

If you are not a Nayax customer, you’ve by now heard about EMV but what does it really mean and how does it truly affect you? Nayax customers have not had to be concerned about what this really means because they have had fully EMV certified readers for 4-5 years. As the Global leader of this technology, join us as we discuss what’s new in the world of cashless payments and how Nayax’s EMV fully certified devices can ensure your business is staying ahead of the curve.

We’ll be taking a deep dive into EMV and looking at the adoption trends both in the US and globally, as well as why you need cashless payment options that offer EMV support. 

EMV is here to stay so make sure you don’t miss out on this very important session on March 15th! - https://www.nayax.com/webinar/nayax-emv-webinar/

Become educated and keep growing your knowledge. 

Questions anytime?

Harry Kozlovsky
Senior Director of Solution Sales, Nayax


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Hi Golfdogs.

We record all and make them available at Nayax University.

Please reach out to me then and will be happy to guide you.

Thank you.


Senior Director of Solution Sales, Nayax



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