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Dixie Narco 501MC double slot not vending


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New to vending, purchased a used DN 8 selection can only machine.  I have figured out every issue with it except one.

I have a double stack slot where the vend motor works and vends manually but not when the button is pushed. I have ohm'ed out the select button switch and it seems to be in working order, also did the same with vend motor microswitches also seem like they are working fine. Im feeling like just ohming out the switch is not gonna help me here and it may be a voltage issue. Im interested in understanding the flow chart from when the button is pushed to vend, what is supposed to happen next? Does that event power the motor? And then the microswitch makes the cycle complete? The motor spins and vends when pushed manually.  Any help with this would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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