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Royal 660 Programming help


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my royal 660 GIII program menu is different from what is usual, example it is contain CON from (C1,C4 to C9) and CON2 from (C10,C11,C12) and the normal should be C1 to C10). it doesn't contain CCOC at all! and it is contain bUSA which I dont know what means and inside it bACC and bSEC! also there is Stcl and dont know as well, no LAnG or Lit menu! will be very thankful if some one could help me specially my main issue is cant accept bills (take the bill but not stack it and through it back) also it wont tell you if any selection empty (sold out) and keep telling the price!

thanks in advance


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You won't be able to let the customer know what selections are sold out.  That is a new board and coke had Royal program the newer boards so that they don't display which selections are sold out until you put money in the machine.  That way, they hoped the customer would just pick a different drink and they would still make a sale.

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thanks for reply, any idea about the programing flow chart? I need to find bill escrow and in CON is completely different. currently my issue is my bill acceptor wont accept any note and i think it is in setting but i don't know how and from where!


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