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Newbie and trying to learn


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Hello to all. I just started vending and my goal is to build a solid vending business. It is part time right now but will go to full time at some point. I have 5 used machines. Got pretty good deals on them. I have a couple accounts also. I'm from California and things are getting back to pre Covid life. I feel like this was a great time to get started in the business so here I am. Any help or whatever it is anyone may Offer, is greatly appreciated and I am listening with my pen and paper!! Btw I live in Sacramento Ca. The south area to be exact. So I named my company SouthSakVending.  

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Welcome to vending.  Keep your equipment clean, operational and loaded.  Also, start to build relationships with vending distributors as they can be a wealth of knowledge for new people just learning the business.   A1 in Sacramento is my distributor in the area.  Vik will take care of you.  

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