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Coin Rejecting


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Hey family, my vending machine keeps rejecting change every time I insert coins into it, it will drop to the bottom pick up slot. It will take 2/10 x’s but for most of the time it will drop to the bottom. How do I fix this? 

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It sounds as though it needs cleaned and retuned. Since you haven’t given any detail of the make and model of both machine and mech it is very hard to add additional info

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Need more info but my checks would be:

1. confirm no jams in the discriminator by opening flap and checking to see if anything is stuck

2. when opening the flap, make sure there is no black gunk that is lining the rail that the coins roll down. If there is, make sure to wipe it with alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer on a tissue in a pinch. A gunky rail can lead to coins just passing through to the return slot. 

3. make sure no jams in bill validator or anything funky with credit card reader. probably a quick reset to check on the latter. 

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