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USI 3509 Giving away free product when credit card reader is used.


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Hello.  Thank you in  advance for anyone who can shed some light on my issue.

I have a USI 3509 snack machine I just installed with a G10 USA tech cc reader on it.  Cash and coin sales work normally.  When I go to use the credit card it charges the card says approved and put the $1.50 credit on the machine.  I make the selection the product vends and then the credit card reader shows up 0 items vended and $0.00 charge.  I checked my bank card used and it is in fact refunding the charge so it is basically giving away any items purchased with a cc for free.  I have tried 3 different telemeters and they all do the same thing.  Usa tech says its usi's issue.  Usi says its usa techs issue.  Would greatly appreciate any assistance on this! 




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Make sure you have the latest eprom from USI and from USA (force a firmware update)  and then check what you have your drop sensors set for.  Maybe something is wrong there though I assume the machine works find on cash.

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Does it work correctly with cash? Does it ever vend 2x or have the coil spin twice?

My guess is related to drop sensor without having much info to go on. Is there a solid red led light when you look at the sensor in the delivery door? i believe it’s the one on the left but check for the light on either side. If it’s out or blinking/sporadic and you have drop sensor turned on, it will possibly vend twice and refund.

Are you getting any errors when you open door or go into service mode? Is it set correctly for snack machine in the machine type setting?

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Thanks for the input guys!  

yes machine works fine in cash mode.  I have updated firmware on the USA tech reader.  I also spoke with usi and I have to send the board in to get updated there is no usb I can do like on other machines.  I went ahead and just got a new board.


I also thought it was related to the drop/optical sensor.  There is no sensor in the machine And I do have that all turned off at the moment.  It never double vends only a single vend.


i am hoping the updated board will do the trick as I am not sure what else is could be .

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