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BevMax 4 Door Switch Question

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Hi All,

I picked up a BevMax 4 from a local guy and it wasn't working properly. He thinks it may need a new door switch because he couldn't be confident when he replaced the electronic lock with a regular lock that he put it back together the same way. There are like 6 prongs on this thing and they're labeled in ways I don't understand. Couldn't find anything in manual. Going off memory since I'm not in front of the machine now, I believe there were labels on it like No1, No2, COM, or something like that. When I look at pics online, the labels are 1-6 (https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-7887-d80410059-dn-bevmax-4-interlock-switch.aspx) Maybe this is on the other side? Or perhaps I have the wrong switch? This is confusing the heck out of me.

Can anyone tell me which of the two prongs from the switch I need to connect the two wires coming off the control board to? It's the switch on the left, but I'll double check that the switch on the right is done correctly too.


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The wiring diagram should show that for you. You should only need to connect to NO1 and COM or NC1 and COM. NO is normally open, NC is normally closed and COM is common.

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Thanks, AZ.

So the machine appears to be fixed. No clue what did it, but after transporting in the truck ride from the seller to my site and checking it out today, all appears to be functioning normal. Here is what I tried:

1. I unplugged the door switch and plugged back in again although I didn't change the plug order as they appeared to be done correctly. I noticed that the metal bracket that "closes" the door switch was only closing the switch on the right and I saw that my other machines had both switches closed, so I adjusted the bracket to close both at the same time. Maybe when we were testing the switches weren't both pulled out or pushed in to reset? Truthfully, I don't really understand the purpose of both switches as some of my machines only have one.

2. The new picker cup that was installed by the customer wasn't working correctly as the offset was way too high and after further review, I saw that the microswitch on the bottom still had tape on it after being refurbished, so it was never registering "home" position.

3. Checked the X Motor in the bottom of the cabinet but it appeared to be plugged in correctly

4. Although doubtful, perhaps there was something with the extension cord he was using in his shop to let me test the machine before buying that was making things act wonky. I always plug directly into a wall, but I know some storage units/warehouses use extension cords to reach all the machines.


Either way, I seem to be in the clear. Will test again before loading in a few days, but fingers crossed. Thanks for the help!

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