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DN501E error messages help!!


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I keep getting these weird code numbers and the words “cash” and “sale”, even when the door is closed or I hold down the white button. Also, when I press the little blue button to enter test mode, it just says “error” and doesn’t let me scroll through the menu. Any idea how to fix it? Someone said the white interlock switch is bad which is why it keeps showing the weird numbers even if the door is closed or white button is held down, but would a faulty switch explain the error message when in test mode? 


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You apparently don't understand how the SIID programming works.  The door switch is probably wired wrong or it's not being depressed by the inner door when you close the machine.  Because it's in the service mode when you close the door the machine is responding to selection button presses while trying to purchase. When you go into the Service Mode the display will show Error if there are errors to view.  If you press selection buttons one and two together you will step through the programming menu.  

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