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Does anyone know the rules in AZ


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Legally you will need a state sales tax license and a license in each city your machines are in.  Most people just do the city that they work out of.  If you ever get large and are suspected of having machines elsewhere cities or the state will call your bluff.  This usually happens when you get a municipal city location that's not in your own city.  Many cities have their sales tax collected by the state so that's another wrinkle.  You are responsible for paying sales tax on your gross sales, not your product costs.  To do it right you need to fill out paperwork where you're purchasing so they can sell to you at wholesale - without charging sales tax to you.  If you don't want to do that and instead opt to pay sales tax then you still have to pay tax on your gross sales.  I don't remember if there's a deduction for prior taxes paid as I only bought wholesale and had credit accounts with all of my suppliers.  If you buy in grocery stores or clubs, you will not be charged sales tax if that city doesn't tax food.

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