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DN501e Intermittent credit


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Hey Vendiscuss.

I currently have a dn501e that has an intermittent credit acceptance. I have replaced the coin mech from a standard coinco 3 tube mech to a cf 7000 series. Installation was easy, all I had to do was adjust the coin return level that presses down on the mech and the coin remove a piece of the funnel the coinmech shoots coins into as the rejection path is slightly different. I would say that I totally forgot to shut the machine down when doing so and connecting cords. However I can’t even find an on off switch on this machine. 

Anyways, after replacing the coin mech I am still having problems with intermittent credit. I have not experienced myself, but the people who use the machine which is quite a few, good location (200-400 cans a month) sometimes guys send me texts that the machine ate their coins. I have specifically messaged them back asking if the machine eats the coin when they put it in or takes their money when they press a button. Every time it seems to be a problem with credit not being displayed.

any possibilities on what this could possibly be? And how I can start diagnosis what is wrong? 

Thanks a bunch



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Are you finding loose coins in the bottom of the door?  You may have dimes bouncing out of the coin chute at the top of the coin mech(s).  Does the plastic coin chute on the door line up properly with the coin mech?  If not you can tape a piece of paper around the bottom of the chute to keep coins going in the right direction. I doubt it's a problem with the coin mechs each not giving credit for random coins. 

Now is it the full credit not being displayed or just .05, .10 or .25 of that credit?  You need to fully test this yourself.  Spend some time vending an entire column out and pay close attention to details. 

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