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Obsolete Vendo 540 V-Max 8.4 oz Red Bull kit

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Hi again.

I'm kind of obsessed with this thing.  Apparently the 8.4 oz redbull kit is NLA.

Any of you old codgers hoard up parts for obsolete machines? lol

I need:

1122167 gauge bar clips (possibly still available from D&S)
1066112-2 gauge bar clips (NLA)
1114348-7 Magnetic  foam side shim (possibly still available from D&S)
1122166   side spacer (NLA)
George at Vendo sent me a drawing of the side spacer, I might try and fabricate one.  The big problem right now is the 1066112-2 clips.
Pic is for a different machine but is mostly the same.


Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 10-38-21 250m red bull set up - 8.3oz-250ml-Red-Bull-Can-511.pdf.png

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Just buy regular black 1066112 clips. They have an extra little bit of plastic on them vs the 1066112-2 clips. This bit of plastic is really thin and soft, kinda looks like a flower or something. Take a razor and slice it off, and you got a 1066112-2.

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