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Bought a machine - diagnosing - may have bit off more than i could chew

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Hi I'm new here... bought a machine for personal use in hopes I could get comfortable enough with it to be able to buy other machines to be able to place in businesses including my wife's dance studio.  

I bought a vendo 407.  Probably bit off more than i could chew, as it seems to have some issues with vending that I can't seem to find online.

The beautiful part, it cools.  some of the LED's work showing out of stock. 

 The scary part, it doesn't seem to vend at all.  Even if i press the test vend switches it does nothing.  It seems to get power from the lower switch to the upper switch using my current testers, but i'm not sure if it sends the power to the motors, but not a single motor turns even when i press the flap on the inside to pretend there is soda in there.  Also it doesn't seem to want to accept my coins, but i'm not sure if that's because the motors won't turn at all.

Before I cleaned the machine, I wanted to make sure everything would work.  I understand the machine needs a really good cleaning.

https://photos.app.goo.gl/e9kN6McMrPM7uxt87 <--- video for reference

Any thoughts on where would be the best place to start or what part i should try replacing first would be greatly appreciated.  

I've been trying some things i was able to find here on the forums, but i couldn't find a situation where none of the motors worked at all. 


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Throw it away.  It's an old Vendo lowering shelf machine and with no parts available for it and the simple fact that you will never get another one now that you know they are old junk, just junk it now.  You have an open in the vend circuit.  What you think is happening and what is actually happening in the wiring and operation of the machine are two different things.  Do you really want to spend your days or weeks trying to find it?  On these machines the column vend mechanism gets worn out and they aren't adjustable.  You can see all of the rust on the side so you won't be surprised that there is corrosion in switches and moving motor parts.

Here is the manual if you dare. https://e4995306-5b39-4820-8d83-ef2846e90a02.usrfiles.com/ugd/e49953_092fd69178c74183a465c100b0c9a56b.pdf

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I'd still like to try to make it work. The out of product switches seem to work as they trigger the lights on the front to turn off when compressed. Is there any way to follow the electrical to try to find what the issue is or what switch it is? If it is a switch. 

There seems to be matching switches and the relay on ebay and other websites. It seems odd that every single motor doesn't work, but theoretically all the motors could be rusted out inside I suppose or the switches? Not sure if the relay could be an issue, but the compressor seems to be working fine and I believe the compressor is controlled by the relay if I'm not mistaken?

I don't need all the motors to work, so if I can fix only one  or two that is fine for this machine.

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The compressor and vend motors are separate.  Didn't you study the manual?  The fact that you can't manually start a motor could mean two things.  You don't have 110v to the motors or you don't have a complete circuit through the motor switches.  Find 110v first and if it's there you should probably start with a different coin mech as bad as it looks.  The relays don't fail often so that is an outside possibility.

Why people buy non-working machines is beyond me. 

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