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Nayax via LAN cable or wifi?

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I have a bunch of vending machines spread out at a customer business location. They're all coin operated and the customer wants us to fit a card payment system. Up to now I have no experience with card payment systems.
Because it's an industrial location we're working with very low product prices, so there's not much margin for extra costs.
As far as I know (in Europe) Nayax / Payter / OTI and a couple of others seem to be the most popular solutions.
The costs seem to be around 500 - 700 Euro to buy the system, around 8 - 10 Euro per month for the SIM card, and I've heard (youtube) around 6% cost per transaction.
Is this about right?
Obviously there are companies around here who sell these systems which I could ask, but I'm looking for a bit of independent advice from people who've already used them 😉
My main questions are:
1. Many of our machines are located next to offices with LAN or wifi internet connections, so would it be possible to use this instead of a SIM card to save monthly costs?
2. Is it possible to lease the payment system instead of buying?


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LAN may be possible but if you don’t have access to your business network or if it’s like my works network, it’s better to spend the money for cellular. You look more professional too.

ive heard of companies leasing telemeters and card readers. Unsure if Nayax does it though. Be prepared for a higher monthly and or per swipe charge to you for leased equipment.

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Can comment on Nayax AU, you purchase a credit card system i.e, Nayax, local price here is $550AUD per unit, you will have an account set up with Nayax (or alt supplier), here, there is a charge of $15AUD/month for each device which includes the SIM card & support, We are charged a fee of $0.17cAUD per transaction, We charge/add a 20c  fee to each CC transaction.

We do have a couple of sites with virtually no mobile reception & have connected Nayax device to local LAN with a patch cable or in 2nd case plugged into a pocket WiFi & connected to bldg's WiFi network - no don't get a discount off Nayax monthly $15 service fee.

Any reason you only have coin operated VMs & haven't added a note acceptor also?

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Thanks guys.
@NevilleW The smallest Euro note is 5 EUR, so I think we would run out of coin change quickly if we used a note acceptor, the price of all our products is 0.80cEUR. You hardly ever see a note acceptor on drink/snack machines here.
An alternative I was thinking about was installing a coin change machine with digital payment next to the vending machines as most locations have 2 or 3 vending machines next to each other. Then I would only need 1 Nayax account to serve 2 or 3 machines, but then the coin change machines are not exactly cheap 😉

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I have tried Nayax and didn't have much luck with the vpos touch.

It seems almost impossible to get away from the 3g/4g monthly fee some companies will charge you a smaller amount with no sim but ultimately still a monthly fee.

Alot of the devices we have come across do have a lan connection.

Abit more complicated but if I was you and all my prices were the same, I would have a token dispenser machine cheaper than change machine and fit token acceptors on each machine have the card reader on token dispenser.

Guarantees they can only use your machine after they purchase a token too.

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