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Dixie Narco T-Handle Change


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I have an old Dixie Narco 386 that needs a T-Handle Changed out. The threads are worn so bad that it will hardly pull the door shut. My problem is the T Handle inserts into a faceplate that includes the coin insert and coin return mech. I am sure the T Handle will disassemble so I can just replace the screw part, but I am not sure how. Also where is the best place for this part?




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Woah, you have a Dixie Narco with the Star Locking system on it.  It might be a worn out receiver nut assembly, not a worn out stud since the stud is supposed to look that way, but maybe the T-handle itself.  The way this system works is that you firmly push the door closed and then make maybe one turn of the T-handle to secure the stud in the cabinet receiver nut.  If your handle feels like it skips as you turn it without apparently turning the stud then you simply have a worn out T-handle, not a worn out stud or receiver nut.  Hopefully this is the case as trying to get the correct retrofit parts will be tough even though those "retrofit parts" would have been the standard parts most machines of this age got.  Your Star Lock is unique and only used until Dixie Narco was sued for patent infringement by Star Lock.  If the problem is the Star Lock nut assembly, you will have to change the stud in the T-handle and the nut and bracket assembly inside the cabinet because there is no way to find these parts now.  The problem is in finding the proper length of threaded stud to get that also works with your coin insert assembly.  It would probably be the parts listed on this page that don't reference the Star Lock:   https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/dn2d.pdf

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It may be a worn receiver nut then. the door is hard to secure and feels like it could be yanked on and opened when locked.  The machine has excess condensation so I know the door is not pulling tight so the compressor is probably overworking as well.  Thanks for your help!

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