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Lacrosse Lcb 1ll 90 9

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I ended up with this machine. I know it worked when it was unplugged and stored 30 years ago. I plugged it in today and it seems to cool fine. The lights are working. But when I put in 36c nothing seems to happen. Is there a reset/breaker I am missing. The coin op inside appears be fine, but when I put coins in nothing happens. I wouldn’t care if I could just set it to be open and allow for free dispensing of soda or beer. Also a little confused as to how to load bottles. Did this machine take 10oz. bottles. If so, any suggestions as to what would fit now and how to load?  So, really three questions:

1.  How to get coin op going?

2. Or, how to get around coin op and set for free dispensing. 

3. How to load this machine?


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This sounds like a glass door bottle pull machine or something from the 60's.  While we've all seen them, I don't know anyone on this site that has worked on them, including me in 37 years.

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