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seaga hyc950 temperature error


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So i purchased this machine not too long ago about 4-5 hours away from me. Once moved to location i plugged it in to find it displaying (temperature error) and even after getting to operating temperature it still shows, ive also tried to clear it multiple times in the operation menu with no avail. I had a friend of mine who is somewhat knowledgeable in refrigeration  tell me that everything compressor and part wise is running good and maybe it could be the thermostat, i have no idea where that would be looking down there. the display temperature when pressing 10 reads 31 degrees which is way below freezing and the hy900 menu states it to display 41 as it is set from the factory settings, maybe that could be because of the thermostat? no clue. any help or tips would be appreciated alot tia!

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You should have asked about Seaga machines in general before buying this POS.  The problem you are having is a common problem with them and indicative of all Seaga equipment.  I don't recall if I was ever able to fix this issue when I worked on one a long time ago.  I believe I simply installed a normal vending thermostat and bypassed the electronic crap.  If I can ever find my manual for this machine I might be able to tell you how to set your cut in and cut out temperatures.  It's pretty convoluted in that machine as I recall.  If you have a manual for it then that is what you need to do first.  That and make sure it's reporting Fahrenheit and not Celsius. 

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