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Powering coin acceptor without connecting it to the vending unit.


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Hi All,

I've got coin operated massage chairs and want to program the coin acceptor without connecting it to the machine. I've seen a video on this, but it seems the power comes directly from a regular plug and wire that's plugged into a power bar. The two wires from the plug have alligator clips on them. They are connected to the power and ground of the acceptor. This seems dangerous to me. I know the power bar will trip to prevent a beaker from tripping. 

Does this seem safe to do?

I was also wondering if I could use a 12V battery and connect the power and ground connections in the acceptor to the battery poles  + and - .   

I want to be able to pre program these acceptors so I only have to switch them with the older, less reliable mechanical ones. 


Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.


Specs of the 631



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Thanks AZVendor, that's what I figure as well. I'll try it when I get my hands on a 12v battery. I'm also thinking of only connecting the power and ground wire from the chair to the acceptor and not connecting the other two so as not to send the chair into the massage mode.

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