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Northwestern Super 60 .25¢ wheel


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4 hours ago, Aaron1410 said:

I heard it’s possible that you can grind a Super 60 .25¢ Wheel and make .50¢ fit.  Has anybody tried this?

If you are talking about changing a .25 cent mech to a .50 cent mech by grinding the coin carrier down I have never seen it done. There is a video on youtube where it looks like a guy used a custom made coin pawl and a .50 cent coin carrier to convert one. At the time of the it's posting (2019) he was selling the parts necessary to do the conversion. I have never done business with the company.

Here is the video


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1 hour ago, RoadDogAmusements said:

it doesn't work like that, there won't be anything to detect if it's 1 quarter or 2 just a bigger gap and then it will jam.

The guy in the video is vague when it comes to some of the specifics of what he is doing (close up is very fuzzy). He makes an adjustment on the backplate with pliers but really doesn't show what he is doing.  Generally, when you convert a Northwestern .25 coin mech to .50 you need a new face plate as well which he never mentions. What he is doing with coin pawl is not unheard of as you can see in this legitimate conversion kit from Gumballstuff.com  ( https://www.gumballstuff.com/new-50-cent-northwestern-super-60-m-60-vending-machine-coin-mech-upgrade-kit/ ) but again he is very vague about all of the parts that are needed. Based solely on what he is showing on his video I would be skeptical about his conversion. 

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