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Super 60 North Western 50 cent Mechanism

JRN Vending

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5 hours ago, JRN Vending said:

I switched from 25 to a 50 cent side by side Northwestern coin mech , it vends every other try. Can someone help me solve this problem please? Thank you

When you say it is vending "every other try" is the coin mech jamming up or is the mech cycling all of the way through and just giving product every other time.  If it is the latter make sure the product wheel is timed up correctly. That means that at the end of each vending cycle, one of the three openings in the product wheel should be directly over the top of the product chute. If that's not the issue please try to elaborate more on the problem.

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also get it lined up like gumball guy said, then after you do the first mech rotation take the head off and visually see if the next hole got lined up. Or if the teeth on the plastic gear are chewed up and they're slipping, that will make it not do a full 120 degree rotation.

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