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Gage clips, motor brake, spacers/shims


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I'll be vending 12 oz cans, 16 oz monster, 16.9 oz bottles and 20 oz gatorade. The things that I couldn't figure out were the gage clip under the columns. Some have 2 and some have 1, and I think I saw that there are different sizes for them from the manual on the machine. With the cams I saw how it worked but wasn't sure how to loosen them to turn, because I didn't want to break something. The final thing was shims and spacers. I know how many shims I need for each drink, but there is a spacer in each column with no shim and I don't know if the spacer counts as a shim (wishful thinking, because I'll have to buy shims if not). It said there was a high spacer position and a low shim position. Every spacer was in the high spacer position, and on this diagram here it says "Use shim" for cans and 16.9 oz bottles but shows the spacer position in the spot.

My questions are:

How do you adjust the motor brake so that you can rotate the motor?

Do I have to adjust the gage clips under the columns (there are 1 for some, 2 for others)? I moved the gage bar into the right spots.

I'm guessing that 12 oz cans and 16.9 oz bottles can be vended with the spacer because it has done it before, but for the 20 oz bottle it says on the diagram to use 2 shims, then shows the lower shim position only being used. My spacer would not fit in that shim spot.



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