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AP 7000 upgrade

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The one I bought seems to already have been upgraded but I can’t get the Nayax reader to work. 
Can anyone tell me what board this is and how to program it if possible? I assume I can but it seems like the Nayax isn’t being detected it just says cash only  



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I've never seen or heard of that kit or company before, but if it won't run a card reader, you're only two options would be these two upgrades that were mentioned in a different post:



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I have the InOne on order and should be arriving tomorrow. I’m kind of wishing I went with the new rev door. That makes it look a lot better. It would have been a little too expensive though. 

I am thinking of plastic dipping or wrapping the silver button mount. Any thoughts or ideas on that? I want it to look a little more modern. 

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