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New to vending

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Hello everyone, I have always been fascinated by vending machines, and have always wanted one. Well every thing fell into place and I dragged home two Dixie Norco machines. A 1988 276m that now lives in my kitchen. And a 2nd bubble front, That has it tag pulled so I don’t know it’s model or it’s year. I got the 276m for a $100 with a known bad compressor deck I got that recharged and fixed some minor problems with the machine and it’s keeping everything ice cold and vending perfectly. 

I do have one question does the counters really mean anything on these machines thr 276m counter has 18k vends on it and the unknown model says 103k vends. So I assume one saw heavy use and the other saw hardly no use.  

Anyone guess on the make model and year of the bubble front one?


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