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Labor law compliance notice

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        I'm almost new to vending machine and got a letter from Federal re: Labor law compliance notice, it says here I need to pay a certain amount for a poster to place it on my business area if I have 1 or 1000 employee or I will get a 7000$ fine for non compliance. I am certain when I registered my business that I don't have any employee and I am the owner ( I saw on some articles that the owner is not an employee of the business ). My question is, do I need to pay for this even though I don't have any employee at the moment? Thanks in advance for answering. I live in Utah if this helps.



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That is a scam though I never heard of it before.  Someone must be buying the list of new businesses and is scaring them into "compliance" or charging fake fines.  Just ignore it and tell them to eff off.  There is no need for any posters or such crap.

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