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Western Slope Colorado

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Hi All,

Been lurking around the forum for several months now but just joined. 

Just got our vending machine up and running; it's everyone's favorite, Seaga!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, please keep your empathy and complaints to other threads! 😉 It was really affordable, literally like new, and gets us going today.

We are in a unique position because we own our locations thus we didn't want to spend $$$ to get started, and this Combo machine works for now.

We might be expanding, and we have the knowledge to work on our own machines, something that I'm seeing many people can't, are afraid to, or are now close enough to someone who can.

I look forward to contributing to help the best I can.  Case in point, did you know that Cantaloupe confirmed that if you have a G10 Telemeter, you can just purchase a G11 Reader at $135 and be operational. Versus the entire G11 kits at $350.



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