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Your Supplier for Candy Honor Boxes

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We are excited to introduce ourselves as Honor Box Vending, your go-to supplier for high quality Candy Honor Boxes. 


For those that are new and interested in candy honor box vending, on our website we offer a Free Guide to help you get started on:
     -Where to place your honor boxes?
     -Script on how to ask a business to place your honor box? 
     -How to donate to charities?
     -Where to buy cheap candy?

We sell different multi-packs of Candy Honor Boxes, all with Free Shipping!
     -2 Pack of Candy Honor Boxes (10% off with code JAN10 for Jan 2024)
     -20% discount on our 10 Pack below
     -30% discount on our 50 Pack below

Please message us if you have any questions. We respond to messages daily to support your honor box vending business journey.

We are here to help you get started at https://www.honorboxvending.org/ 

Charity Candy Honor Boxes.JPG

How Honor Box Vending Works.JPG

Extra Money Scalable.JPG


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