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Working on a Dixie Narco 300 Pepsi machine

Mike N

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 First, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to join your group.  I am working on a dixie narco 300 Pepsi machine that belonged to my dad. It cools great and the vending worked just fine when my dad had it in his shop. It hasn't been used and has been unplugged since 2017.  I did plug it in and like I said it does cool great, but that is as far as I have gone so far. I haven't stocked it with any pop to try to vend yet.

I am looking for new plastic selection buttons and a couple of the "Sold Out" lights. It has 8 selection buttons. It has a dollar bill acceptor, but it doesn't light up at all, so not sure if I am getting power to it and do not want to mess with it until I know what wiring to check with a meter. The coin co coin mech is still almost full of change. It will dispense change when I use the buttons to empty the coins from their holder.

Does anyone know of a company or someone that sells these parts and maybe other parts for this machine? I am wanting to get it going and keep it in our family and put it in my garage.   Thanks for any help in advance.

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National Beverage Screen Printers (NBS) if you can't find what you need at D&S Vending or Vendors Exchange.  Without a photo of the door there's no way to know what you actually need.  There are some older models that you won't find buttons for.  Post up, bud.

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