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When to move to VMS Software?

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Currently, I'm a noob.  I have 2 machines and I want to give some thought to my next move while try to locate 1 more location for this year.

I'm keeping track of product on a spreadsheets and was wondering if it's too early to start looking at software.

Nayax Core (free version) software just tells me vends and income for each hour.
Is there more this software can do or is that what the paid version is for?
Is the paid version a full blown VMS that I wouldn't have to use another software?
Anyone have any experience with Monyx integration with Nayax Readers? (is it good or worthless?)

I saw an old thread for vendtrak being free, but apparently it's $20/mo for the first tier now.

Any advice or info would be appreciated.

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it's too early.  You won't be able to reap the benefits of VMS until you are closer to maxing out a route.  At that point a VMS can streamline your current route to make further growth more efficient.  Also, if you wait too long and try to incorporate too many machines then it can be a paperwork and computer nightmare.  The longer you use pen and paper the more you will appreciate VMS when you move to it.  Heck, you don't even know if you will still like being in this business when you get bigger and find out how much work and expense is involved in vending.

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