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Vendo Machine coin problem

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I have a Vendo machine that has recently stopped accepting quarters all other coins work fine but the quarters fall straight through. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to troubleshoot.

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having the same problem with my Mars trc-6800.  was working fine  One day it stopped excepting quarters.  they drop through the the change slot.  it still accepts dimes and nickels.  the soda is 75 cents so it still gives quarters as change when a dollar is given.  just gotta restock the quarters.

I'll start by cleaning with alcohol.  

since it was working, I doubt the switches got moved on their own but I'll check them.  just need to find a manual that will tell me what the proper positions are supposed to be.

got some info, will try this too if cleaning doesn't work:


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If its a mars acceptor and cleaning doesnt work you can tune it. Flip the top half of the changer down or take it off, look at the back part of the changer where the switches are you should find a small hole with 2 pins sticking out (looks like a small wire harness should go there) unplug the changer from the machine take a wire, screwdriver, knife blade, etc. and short the 2 pins together, while keeping them shorted plug the changer back into the machine (now you can remove whatever your using to short the pins) now take and drop 2 dimes 2 nickles and 2 quarters (in this order) they should all fall straight through the changer now press the coin return lever (on the changer) 2 times, now unplug the changer from the machine and plug it back in. It should work now if it was a tuneing problem.

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