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This is based on only about 35% of the route but here they are.

Singles, Doubles, Triples, Racks and 4 plays all combind the average is $7.69 per head monthly.

Product by Popularity.

Peanut M & M





Mike N Ikes

Plain M & M


I will post additional info in a month of so to update numbers for rest of route.






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I collected a Four head machine today during my stops today

Collected 16 days ago.

$152 dollars today

My best location by far.

Runts, Gumballs, Peanut M&M, and Mike and Ikes.

Best seller is Gumballs. I see this account twice a month and it is located 11 min's from my home.

Great Grocery store location. If you can get into the front of a grocery store DO IT FAST!


Dave-Uptheodds Vending, LLC

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Grocery Store - 4 Head - $300 per month

Mfg Break Room - 4 Head - $150 per Month

Bank - Single Head - $10 Per Month

Bank - Double Head - $15 per Month

Army Reserve - Double Head - $20 Per Month

Printing Company - Double Head - $12 Month

Mfg Breakroom - Double Head - $50 Per Month

Music Store - $ Heads - $50 Per Month

Areospace Breakroom - 4 heads - $150 Per Month

News Room Break Room - 4 heads - $80 Month

Teachers Lounge High School - 4 Heads - $50 Month

Mail Room In Office Complex - 2 Heads - $50 Month


Sorry for delay in reporting 2nd numbers but Ive been up to my ears in Accounts needing new machines. New route I bought in August was not keep clean and machines all nee to be swapped out for clean machines.



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Way to go with those numbers!  Thats all the machines you have out there?

No, Dave is a full timer. He has more out there than I do. I haven't seen him on the board lately. I believe his time is very limited.


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Been very busy,

Latest numbers are:

Top sellers"

Peanut M & M




Plian M & M



Mike & Ikes


Top 5 Locations

Grocery Store Exit Lobby - $500 Monthly

Aircraft MFG break Room - $400 Monthly

Printing Company Break Room - $250 Monthly

AUto Parts store Customer Area - $150 Monthly

Spring MFG Break Room - 2 locations Both doing $150 a Month

Total of 650 Heads at 285 Locations


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January Numbers to date are looking good. My Top 5 are:

Supermarket in Front - serviced every 14 days - Last collection was $155

Aerospace MFG Breakroom - Collected once a month - :Last was $140 (Three Shifts operate here)

School Teachers Lounge - Once a month - Last was $90

Mfg Facility breakroom - 50 Employees - Once a month - $125

Filter Mfg Breakroom - 40 Employees - Once a month - $130

Just placed a double head in another Supermarket right at the exit last week. Ill collect next friday to see how we do. Placed close to large 8 Head Rack from another operator.

Uptheodds Vending

600 Heads - 300 Locations



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Numbers for Feb were good as well

Supermarket Is still the big winner. Did over $400 for the month

Breakrooms are doing well - One Areospace with 3 shifts of employees is doing over $300 a month. Bad part is that they love cashews and the margin is smaller.

Ill be looking to liquidate all of my stops in Fairfield county so if anyone is looking for a route that is turn key let me know.



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