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Placing an AP7600 Outside


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There are very few snack machines made for outdoor use without being under cover, but there is one.  The price tag is near $5K but it works for those settings that must have a unit outdoors.


The Outsider





The Outsider / Outdoor Combo Snack + Drink Vending Machine - The Outsider Outdoors Vending

Unit is a rugged outdoor vendor offering a choice of

Snack and "Visi-Combo" (snack and bottled beverage) configurations. A heavy-gauge steel security lock-cover, additional glass-front protection, and vandal panels add

to all the other standard AMS vendor features to make this merchandiser just what you need for the great outdoors.

The Outsider Outdoor Vending Machine Features :

First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Product Rotation

Interchangeable Parts For Easy Service.

Patented Sensit ® Guaranteed Delivery System.

1⁄2 Plus HP Refrigeration with Heated Triple Pane Glass.

State-Of-The-Art Electronics,: MDB and DEX Capable.

More Information Coming Soon !

XX Selections / XXX Total Items (39" 6 Tray Model)

Electrical Rating : XX Volts, XX0 Hz, XX amps

Height: 72", Width: 39", Depth: 35", Weight: 780 Lbs

I would never recommend this machines unless it is in a heavily populated school or major location.


Blue Moose

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