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Another face to face locator called


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I don't know if this is helping anyone but I just spoke to another face to face locator.  Actually he seemed to know some of the people in the area so I called a few and they said he helped them out.  So again I will pass on the contact information in hopes someone can use him. I urged him to post his information on here but he really is not real good with computers.

Matt  330-431-3893

I believe he lives in Nothern Ohio and works this section of the country.  Ohio, PA, Indiana, Ky and Mi.


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Matt has called us several times as well looking for work.

Funny story.  I had this locator call me over 50 times during a one week period.  I spoke to him the first time he called and explained the types of machines we located.  He said he had some arcade style that he wanted us to do for his clients.  I told him sorry, we do not do those machines.  He called back again and I told him the same thing.  He continued upwards of 50 times for two weeks. 



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ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do your homework when dealing with bulk locators (especially those from Florida, Ohio and Texas).  Find out this guy's LAST NAME before dealing with him!  See Link Below!

Looks like Matt Dillon has a brother!


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I can't believe the Dillion boys are still out there doing locating.  The Dillion I knew in Ohio was Bob Dillion (no joke).  He would swing by our offices a couple of times a year with a hand full of vending agreements signed.  He always drove up in a beat up car with smoke announcing his arrival (coming out of the car and his mouth, he was a heavy smoker) .    He would hand me those agreements normally all crinkled up and then he would plop himself down in our waiting room while I called each account to talk to them.  I would normally hand him a $1000 then send him on his way. Our route manager would visit the accounts quickly to set up installation dates.  I was always amazed that a guy could present himself the way Bob did and manage to get such nice stops.  To this day I wonder how he did it but then again we always smiled when he stopped by each time.  He made us laugh at his stories and he had such a charming smile.  But he was a drinking mans man.  The last time he visited we had to go bail him out of jail.  But he got us some good stops before he left.  He had a heart attack and died a few months later.... he left a couple of sons...hmmmmmmm.  I wonder.

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