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Has anyone ever tried or thought about opening a kiosk in a high traffic mall? Sometimes my brain runs at high speed which is dangerous. I drive for a living which provides me alot of time to think. :shock:

Here's some off the wall figures I was thinking of. The cost for rent could be higher and the profit for the machines would more than likely be higher.

Initial Cost

40 machines = $2000

Rent = $400 per month


$20 per machine (after product purchase)= $800

You have a profit margin of $400 a month. In 5 months the machines are paid for. The rest of the year is profit (7 months). 400x7=$2100

The following year is all profit. 400x12=$4800 And that's for just one location.

As for the stands for the machines, you could build a continuous 20 ft. stand out of 2x4's and plywood. Staple old bed sheets or cloth to the plywood and drill holes for the machines. If you get industrious, you could even make the stand to accomadate a lower series of machines which would total 80 machines. A door with a padlock at one end could act as a space in the middle that only you would have access to for spare parts. This also would allow easy access to money and product without getting in the way of potential customers.


High traffic area

Totally secure by mall security

Duplicate product (one on each side) = Less Servicing



Mall not allowing it

Higher rent


List more pros and cons. Need some constructive criticism.

Let me know what you think....good, bad or ugly.

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It does sound good when you say it fast though. Our mall has one like that in the food court area against the wall and I think it had 20 of the large globe type canisters. Only candy and gumball, no toy/balls or tattoos/stickers. It was a two level wood stand like you decribe. We have a new mall being built so I may have to check out the rental fee like you are pondering. I have a contact person who does the leasing there because I am thinking about a spiral gumball machine there.
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I had to do a search on that mall. It is a good 5 hour ride from my house to that mall so I will have to take a pass. It looks big though from the mall map. We visited some in Dalls earlier this year and one was at 1,000,000 sqft. At one of the fountain/pool areas they had water turtles and ducks living inside the mall.
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I am trying to place machines in malls.  I submitted short-term leasing applications to several malls and, I am waiting to hear back from the leasing agents.  I will let everyone know what the malls around me charge in commission or rent.

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