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501-e adjusting for Nestea bottles

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Oh It's already set for 20oz bottles but the nestea bottles are shaped differently then the other 20oz bottles. Basically the whole machine was setup prior to me purchasing for 20oz bottles. I just need to know

How do I adjust the rear spacer? I tried moving it and it doesn't budge.

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You have to take the metal things on the spacer 2 each side. They are like spring loaded, push the top in and move the spacer a few holes at a time. I've had hard ones, if you cant get the metal spring to go in, take a flathead screwdriver for a little help. If you have really big arms its almost imposable.


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Anyone familiar with this? I need to adjust a column for Nestea 20z bottles. Or does anyone have link online on how to do this?

Looks like Dixie never tested that actual bottle in the 501E but the setup should be about the same as the 20 oz Lipton except for maybe the rear spacer but that can be set by eye.

To set the spacer put in 2 bottle and then lift up the rear spacer and pull it forward so you can fit a thinb in between the bottles and the cabinet

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