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Antares Door Seal

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We pulled an Antares off a location and replaced it because the door wasn't properly sealing.  (As you look at it, it is the top left side where customers "pull" to open the door.)

I've tried replacing the seal with from another door - didn't work.

I've tried switching the inside panels from another door - didn't work.

I've switched entire doors - it isn't perfect, but it is better - but not acceptable.

What can I do?  Someone said something about putting magnets inside the seal, but I can't figure that out?  Do I call a refrigerator service person?  We're just trying to fix it up to sell and get it out of the garage.



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if it is functional,  let the new buyer deal with it.

if its functional, leave it as is, lose maybe 10-20bucks because of it.

Or pay 50-60 to fix it and not lose the 10-20.

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It was our experience that those doors are heavy.  After a few years they will pull slightly away from the frame.  We could never get one to seal correctly once that happened.

Blue Moose

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