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Email new locations?

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I live a few miles north of a suburb and have been looking for potential locations on the way home hoping some of these places are needing some good service...

I noticed an office and warehouse off the main road with about 50 cars.  Sign on the door said "no solicitors."  I went home and found their website and sent a personal email to their human resources person.

Does anyone ever have luck with this approach?


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Never tried it but if you send enough e-mails eventually you'll get a hit, if it didn't work all those spammers would have to find an honest way to make a living ;D

As for the "no solicitors" I ignore those when out prospecting. I'm looking for contact info not selling stuff.

My approach goes something like this:

Hi my name is Mike with Mission Vending, who would be the person I would need to set an appointment with to talk about your vending service."

Can I have a card? When is the best time to call to speak with _____?

Thanks, have a great day.

Unless they start asking questions that's about all I have to say, if its an account I'm really interested in I'll leave a little jar candy or choc with the receptionist. That makes it easy for her remember me and increases the odds that I will get put through to the person instead of the voicemail.

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I've tried it with limited response; I believe in face to face so I usually ignore the no soliciting, play stupid and just say I'm not selling anything. Get to a decision maker or don't say much or leave anyhing. I would like to help you make incremental income and just need a small space of your business. If they say no, well I've heard plenty of those. Move on.

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