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Metal flap over t-handle

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I was just out and about checking machine vend prices and one business that has 1 machine for vending cans and one for bottles for coke, pepsi, and RC (6 machines total).

I noticed something that I haven't seen before.  They  have a metal flap over their t-handles covering up the plug lock.  and the flap is secured by a medium sized pad lock.

Would this indicate that they have been having some break ins or attempted break ins? Or do you suppose they might have lost the key to all their machines and just pulled the plug locks out?

I'm not a criminal, and I haven't ever messed with breaking a plug lock, but I have had to cut pad locks before and the pad locks they have could be cut off rather easily.

Any insight behind the reasoning on this type of setup?

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That type of stuff is for additional security. If someone really wants to get into a machine there is nothing you can do to stop them other than to make it hard enough to get in that they choose to go break into someone else's machine.

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