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Keys... ugh!


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    Keep in mind that if you are using the locks that came with your machines, there is an excellent chance you are not the only one with the keys.

True, but that's only a problem if the person knows where you're putting the machine or buying a location + machine from someone.

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Key tags...(ring w/  I..D. tag)

Thanks, I can be a little clueless at times, lol. Never had to deal with more than 2-3 keys before so was easy to remember without things like key tags.

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I had a place the had another machine as mine with the same key, not for long!

I get my locks from Jeff at american cam lock and they are all keyed alike with a unique key number.

What kind of machines?

I sell all my original locks on ebay for almost double what I pay for new ones keyed alike.

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