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this ones for mission

snack dude

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Three building contractors die on the same day. The first contractor gets up to St. Peter and St. Peter says "The pearly gates could use a little repair and some paint give me an estimate to spruce them up" The contractor says "$800.00 Dollars

$400.00 for material and $400.00 for labor"

St. Peter ask the second contractor the same question and he replied "$1000.00 dollars $400.00 material and $600.00 labor"

The third contractor when the same question replies "twenty eight hundred dollars"

St. Peter yells at the guy "How did you arrive at such a high figuare"

The third contractor says "thats easy, A thousand for you a thousand for me and we get the first guy to do it.

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Here is one back at you:

The woman applying for a job in a Florida lemon grove seemed to be far too qualified for the job; given her liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan and her jobs as a social worker and school teacher.

The foreman frowned and said, "I have to ask you this: "Have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, I have!"

"I've been divorced three times, owned 2 Chryslers, and I voted for Obama."

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