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Blowing out the competitor


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I have lately been trying to figure out ways to make my machine better and more appealing the one next to it. Running a diffrent product I know will work, but I always seem to have the same stuff. I would love to have the only machine on the block and the exclusive rights to the location but there is no way to do that. So I guess I just need to find better products . SO here is an example

3 machines in location one has gum, looks like sweet tart things,bonze I think. the other a u turn has nuts rancid ones tamales

mine has pmm and gum. I can't quite figure out what to do . one of the machines is ran or so it says by the Baylor habitat for humanity. (the one that is the u turn with the Rancid looking Nuts). Any body know of a great way to blow others out of the water. ( location)

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Don't over-think it.

In your example location, if it was a NEW location for me, I would not purchase any new products for it regardless of what the other vendors are selling.

It's ok to buy new products for established AND profitable locations....new ones, not so much.

I would offer exactly what I normally offer, even if I'm offering the same as the other vendor(s).

EXCEPT -- I would keep my product fresher and keep my machines cleaner than the rest.

If it's not a new location AND it's profitable, then I develop a relationship with the folks at the location and MAKE SURE THEY KNOW WHICH MACHINE IS MINE.

Then I find out from them what they would like...but, only meet their request if the product will make financial sense to me.

It's often not about what you offer, but HOW you offer it....keep your machines cleaner and your product fresher than the competition, ALWAYS.

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Put some quarters in the other machine and count the pieces. Set your machine to vend 1 or 2 more pieces. Put the "Big Handful" sign on your machine. Consider 2-for-1 gumballs as well. And always use professional labeling.

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