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Hospital - 80 miles away


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I'm still new IMO, If you are the sole vendor of the hospital and it is decent size, I would go for it. but be aware, that you will need to keep them extremely happy! they probably get at least 5 different vending inquires a year, probably more.

Most likely, that would be your "Honey Hole" or as some would call it, your "gravy location" so to speak.

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Route for sale includes hospital that will be an hour and a half drive. Too far? Anybody willing to drive that far for a big stop?


I would not do it. These kinds of accounts tend to become very consuming. With service time at the location you are looking at a commitment of 4-5 hours per service.

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I just googled it... 50 bed hospital. It's a rural location so there can't be too many vendors asking about it.

Ahhh, Its a small one. Can I change my mind and say "Pass"?

I love it when mission gets me on a mathematical thinking craze!!!! :blink::lol:

I am taking my area fuel prices for example.

Lets say you find a vehicle to carry all of your product that gets 20mpg ( I know, I'm probably dreaming.) You pay 10% of gross on commission. And you have to fill it 1x a week.

Lets say you do an avg of $20/day in sales for the month................. $600

50% of that goes for the cost of goods that you sold.......................... $300

Fuel @ $3.60/gal It will take 8gal for 1round trip x 4 trips a month.... $115.20

Lets not forget about the Hospitals 10% of gross cut which is ..........$60

After the above is figured it comes to $124.80/month net profit. Plus you are still attempting to get your ROI.

What if the day after you leave, 1? 2? or even 3 of your machines goes down? You are going to have to spend another $28.80 in fuel to get the machine/machines back up and running plus whatever the parts cost plus your time.

Even if you did $30/day after the above, you would bring in $245.60 net profit/month, and you have to think about wear and tear on the vehicle, how much your time is worth etc.

Wow! Thanks for perking me up so early in the morning Mission! <_< Now I am exhausted and ready to go back to bed from all this brainstorming. ;D

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