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Gotta love Boston!

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Typical beaurocratic crap. Instead of the reality of the fact that society is lazy, they blame something else. When I was a kid, there was no sit in front of the computer all day, you got home and went outside and played whatever until dark if not later.

A simplistic piece of proof is the sports teams at my sons high school, the number of kids involved now is minute compared to what it used to be. They actually dropped the JV soccer team last year as there were not enough kids to play. When I was in school we had 40 plus per team, now they are luck to see half of that.

From another stand point, what is this going to do do economically to the area. Boston being a major city has got to have numerous operators and such. This will cost jobs and will cost the average consumer more. IT will be necessary to increase costs due to demand and so forth. It just amazes me how beaurocrats have to constantly involve themselves in things other than what they should be. Why are they not concentrating these efforts into building jobs, strengthening the economy with whatever avenues should be or could be explored.

The governmental crap never ceases to amaze me. Look t Washington, perfect example. No budget still after 2 years, but they sure didn;t hold back their spending. If we spent without a budget we would all be bankrupt. How can you spend without any income. Oh, that's right, sell off the value of the country to foreign nations. Hmm, wonder if that is possible in a business and still continue to operate.

Just amazing.

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