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FDA Nutrition Labeling Director will discuss proposed vending rule

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From the Vending Times?

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A couple of comments:

1. Nutrition Labeling Director?? So now they have some bureaucrat pulling down six figures whose only purpose in life is to rule like some pagan god over the vending industry?? :lol: No wonder our gov't is going bankrupt.

2. From the article: "FDA tentatively concurs that "front of package" nutrition information could be a way to provide visible nutrition information, as long as the criteria for color, font and type size are met, and total calories in the article of food are included, NAMA reports."

This sounds very promising, it sure is beginning to look like the manufacturers are going to do most of the heavy lifting on this issue. So making some sort of poster for the drink machines, unless they are live display machines sounds pretty straightforward. Hopefully with the snacks all we have to do is make sure the we load the product correctly so the package can be read.

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That will be great or else it could be a nightmare for vendors.

I am seeing more calorie info on the front of packaging with each box of candy I open. I have yet to see it on any of the chips yet. I will say that when this goes into effect, priority in my snack machines will be given to products that have the disclosure on them.


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