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Arrrrgghghghg - Machine down - wtf is with the blinky LED?

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Tech help needed from the gurus on here:

Have a AP Snackshop 6600

Coinco 9300 Coin Mech

Mars 2000 series DBV

Everything has been fine until earlier this week:

went to service the machines (have 6 in this account) - found this Snackshop was not vending properly.

Put $1 bill in, display shows the $1 but will not vend on any slot and the display was flickering. Did return the $1 bill when coin return pushed (not coin but kicked the bill back out)

The LED on the control board is flickering/strobing - not a steady series of flashes, but a fast roll.

If you push the check price or change price or service buttons, the lights come on steady. (and you can check/change price ok)

If you push test vend is also flickers/strobes

The LED on the Mars DBV is on steady - no codes flashing.

Tried disconnecting the flourecent light - no change

Tried disconnecting the DBV - no go, still doesn't want to work

WTF - I have a Snackshop manual but can't find any info on this flickering/strobing of the LED on the control board.

UPDATE - went back to mess with connections, try unplugging a couple of times - no soap, and now the DBV just takes the dollar and does nothing - doesn't register etc. Don't think it is the DBV - it seems to be working fine, flashes the correct codes when you take the hopper off or disconnect the coin mech.

Any ideas? Control board maybe? Where's the best place to pick one of those up online (didn't see any on Ebay my usual go-to.


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The board light flickering should not be happening. If the validator has its flash codes as normal, and it takes bills, it is probably fine. My experience has been that a flickering display is a sign of possible coin mech problems. Try replacing the coin mech and see if that helps. Vendor's Exchange sells the 6600 boards. Not sure of the price... the AP 7000 boards they sell for $110. Call them at 1-800-321-2311.

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My experience has been that a flickering display is a sign of possible coin mech problems.

Ding, Ding, Ding.....We have a winner!!

Had another coin mech (this one was a Mars) in a spare machine out in the garage and swapped them out - everything working great now - no more blinky LED.

Thanks for the advice - might have got there eventually, but was dang near ready to buy a new control board - Vendiscuss comes through again.


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