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Ideas for live displays


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I was looking around the internets, and I found something that I think would be interesting and helpful for those who wish to make their own live displays.


They are basically clear plastic boxes that come in a variety of sizes. You can use some foam sheeting (like the kind cardinal uses) and use it to mount the toys, and then place it in the box.

The 3x1x5 size would be good for 1in product

The 6x2x8 would work great for 2in product.

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I like the idea.

For what companies are charging for live displays nowadays, this is a great alternative.

Maybe one could even avoid using the foam sheeting by printing a nice background scene on some decent card-stock and neatly hot-gluing the product onto the stock.

The background could include name of product, number in collection, age restriction/warning, and your company info on it...it can be done neatly on a small space, I'm sure.

With some imagination that simple card-stock could really pop to compliment the product and draw attention to your machine.

Finally, a good way to have live displays for those custom mixes!

Thanks D -- nice find.

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