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Some questions with bulk and terminators


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Hello, as some of you may know, I recently got an 8 machines Uturn terminator route (placed 2 additional myself as well) for $1800 which does 300 a month.......i have been in bulk for over a year now but i have some questions as these are new machines for me and it has been a while since i have done so much bulk.......Also, I am going to be placing 3 more terminators soon so I can use some help

1.With I guess increased prices now, how much candy should I be vending........Here is the list of what I thought would be fair......I am someone who prefers to give a little extra then less

Almonds No idea as to what is a good number

Gumbalss 1, if i could do 2 i would since their so cheap

Hot Tomales 11-12

Mike y Ikes 11-12

MMs reg Around 14

Skittles Around 14

PMMs Around 7

Reeces Pcs No idea but maybe 20

Trailmix Small handfull i guess, this is not a cheap item i think

I have also heard of the 1/2 oz rule, how many of you guys go strictly by this rule?

I have read about why some people dont like the terminators so heres what I am thinking as far as servicing

2.For the coin boxes, I can tape a small index card (cut it to right size if I have to) to the side of the coin box so the coins don't fly and fall to the bottom

3.Also use blue tach for the coin boxes to prevent them from moving around. Can I buy blue tach from a store? or do I have to order this online. Any other possible option beside blue tach, how about even some regular old fashioned tape to the bottom.

4.Using a bar magnet to collect the coins on the bottom of the machine. Has anyone tried this?

I will be using Kickstart to locate 3 terminators for me and 2 triples, I will keep you guys updated. Will it be hard or easy to get a good location that would be worth it to place a terminator using a locator? I will be going with the restraunt and bar package but also said would like hotels as well

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